Uncertainty Buck Pago Photo Exhibit

Opening Reception : 9 November 2010, 8-10pm
Artist Talk : 21 November 2010, 8-9pm
Exhibit Dates : 9 November – 21 December 2010

Using his 35mm compact film camera, Pago, now 25, aims to show the difficulties of raising a family in a country where social services are felt by a few and development looks nil. He saw that what he went through are common and more prevalent to poorer and less educated families.more….

Quiapo church

Photos are taken several months ago in quiapo church with a Zenit 122 russian SLR and lucky color200
it was sunday my comrade randy asked me to walk around somewhere but undecided where to shoot. Ofcourse we end up at quiapo church its a haven for us street photographers. Shooting there was a bit challenge for us, not because it was raining, but we were taking pictures during the mass. Some photos were shot in black and white might post them soon. *cheers*